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What is
Date Minder Plus?

Never miss another important date again.

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Very Unique. This Date Minder program does things other date minder type programs don't even think about doing for you. That is why ours gets used by so many happy customers and why we added the Plus to the name. Date Minder Plus.
Click to view video Tutorials.
Click to view video Tutorials.
Software makes great gifts to yourself or a friend.

The best scheduling software for PC anywhere, we guaranty it or we'll refund your money. 30-day money back guaranty on Date Minder Plus.

This web site is not affiliated with any of the many other Birthday Finder web sites. Our Date Minder software is installed on your local PC for you to know locally when your friends or family have an anniversary or birthday or any other special date you log in comes up, all data you enter is entered and stored on your local computer, nothing is broadcasted on the Internet or even has to be connected to the Internet for our Date Minder Program to work for you. Also we do not have anything to do with finding famous persons birth dates.

Mem_it to remember it.
Use Mem_it to remember those User names and pass-codes used when signing up on web sites. What is Mem_it?
Main Screen. $8.50

Contacts Program.
Use BDF_Contacts to store your contacts. What is Contacts?
This is the same Contacts.exe that comes with Date Minder Plus.
Main Screen with Magnifier showing selected line. $8.50

Date Minder Plus is a scheduler of all dates you want to remember or be notified of by the program and Chance Plosion is a very addictive yet easy to learn dice game of which has Party Mode, (Adult version only) with this mod turned on it becomes's a drinking game. You can get free copies now just by clicking the Downloads button up top.

All of our software comes with a lifetime of free updates.

"Our software gets used."
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What is
Chance Plosion?

You'll be laughing aloud. We promise.

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$18.46 ESRB Rating
There is no other game like Chance Plosion out there anywhere we promise you that, you'll see that when you try the trial version.

If you Own a bar or lounge you might be interested in our commercial version of
Chance Plosion 2